We are not a corporate enterprise that sells generic fishing products. We are a US based family run business that offers specially crafted fishing accessories for the most passionate fishing experts. Our business is run under strict supervision of our grandparents who of course are seasoned fishing experts. Our grandparents’s wisdom and experience has always guided us and allowed us to offer the products that we believe any fishing lover will appreciate. If you are an appreciator of finer things with special attention to quality and a personal touch, you are at right place.

We are the market leaders when it comes to fishing products. We offer lures in various different categories such as soft lures, multi segment lures and top water lures. Besides lures we also offer high quality tackle boxes and rod bags. Fishing is not just a hobby, it is a culture and we completely understand that. All of our products are crafted with a personal touch and flair. All of our products are designed in USA and made with premium quality raw materials and careful attention to details.

We believe in complete customer satisfaction and our products do indeed reflect that. Our products are excellent in quality yet affordable in price because we are not doing business just for the sake of money. We believe in building a loyal customer base because the thrill of satisfying a customer and making someone happy with your product cannot be replaced by any amount of money. Do become a part of our family by ordering any of our products and we promise you will come back for more.